Winter Is Coming…

…so please forgive me. I know I have not been on here in forever. No excuses, but I’ve been relishing in my blessings – travelling to Indiana, Kansas City for the Agriculture Future of America Conference, and Sedalia for the Missouri PAS Conference. All with in the last month. Eeeek!! However, never failing the true bookworm that I am, I have managed to finish my first George RR Martin novel. My Sundays are another ‘thing’ all together, as the first chapter of Twelve Extraordinary Women has borne the most challenging piece of work I’ve been through, possibly in ever, but I will get to that when the times comes as well.

If you’re familiar with title of this post, or know that I have been reading the first book of the Song of Ice and Fire Series, you have probably caught on to the fact that I have completely read A Game of Thrones. Might I say that it is brilliant. George RR Martin is the type of author that makes me want to write a book. He manages to create a page-turning story, symmetrical to classics, without it revolving around sex. A theme that seems to be quite frequent with current authors (or maybe it’s just me). For those of you who are far ahead of me in the series, I apologize for being so behind. Even as I’m reading Anna Karenina, I can not help anticipating how A Feast for Crows will  play out!

If you’ve not seen the series on HBO – you know, the one with the brilliant cast – although somewhat vulgar it does a pretty decent job of portraying the story. For me to admit that is saying something, as I am always partial to the living, breathing pages of a book. To recap some of the story, Lord Stark of Winterfell is asked to be the hand of the King, Robert Baratheon. Martin follows members of the Stark family, and also of Daenerys Targaryen, ‘the blood of the dragon’, who is khaleesi of the Dothraki people. It may sound a little like jibberish and maybe somewhat confusing, but trust me, it’s entirely worth the non-existent struggle. Well into the book, King Baratheon dies and all heck breaks loose. Starks and Lannisters are at work, along with a majority of the rest of the kingdom, all fighting for some security of the Iron Throne. Martin’s characters are addicting and lovable and enraging. Well done sir. Well done.

I’ve missed you all. Please let me know what you think of the book! Have any questions, comments, suggestions? Try not to give away too much of the rest of the series please!


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