Summer Nights

“The exquisite art of idleness, one of the most important things that any University can teach.” – Oscar Wilde

After transferring to Northwest Missouri State last fall, I moved into a one-room apartment in early July. With only a part-time job to occupy my time, and a longing for my vast yard back at home, I made my way outside in the evenings to explore the new campus. Of course I would take my book with me in case I found a new place to relax. After my second or third venture on my bicycle, I discovered Colden Pond. Among the beautiful scenery of Northwest – and right near the ‘Kissing Bridge’ – the little pond became my go-to spot. One of my first nights there, I even predicted the engagement of a nearby couple. Now, spending another summer working part-time in Maryville, I find myself coming back to the familiar oasis. And although it’s not being taught in the classroom, I’m doing my best to practice that exquisite art of idleness.




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