The Library

It had been a while since I had even stepped into the Grundy Co. Jewett Norris Library, let alone checked out a book. Last week, while my parents were off to Haiti my 9-year-old fireball of a brother and I made our way inside more than a couple times. He mostly wanted to see what DVDs they had, but he tried out a book too. Getting him to read it would be the hard part. On the other hand, nerd that I proudly am, I even brought my own book to the library. Nonetheless, he found a book (and a couple movies) and even got some info on the summer reading program. Meanwhile I ventured upstairs to the ‘adult’ section – which isn’t dirty, it’s just for anyone who is above the eighth grade reading level. Geesh, get your mind out of the gutter. And in the rows and rows of books I found more than a few titles I’d been wanting to read, but hadn’t been able to add to my own collection. The Round House, by Louise Erdrich, Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, some Steven King titles. Of course I hadn’t been in so long, I lost my original library1044501_10151749673631823_1860074247_n card. Now, to obtain one, you need proof of residency and bills and a personal id – just to avoid buying one for $30+. Lucky me, I was in the system and had another card assigned to my account. Thanks to the wonderful librarian I now have this gem (along with one for the Maryville Public Library), and managed to take home my next book as well. Let’s just hope I find the time to read it before it’s due, a week from yesterday.


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