God, Swans and Teenagers

I am ashamed of how long it has been since I wrote to you here. As you can imagine so much as happened, with you as well, I’m sure.

Since January I have been student teaching at smaller high school south of Kansas City. It is incredibly time consuming – so much so, I wish I had time for something else – anything else. But, it has slowed since I will be finished in less that two weeks. I have one class to teach and everything else for the university is completed.

And I bet you didn’t care to read this hearing about teaching high school-ers.

untitledLooking to see what I last posted, I have read some since writing. I always wish I would read more than I have. Among those have been Ms. Kostova’s The Swan Theives. She is brilliant to no surprise. Definitely a title worth picking up. Mentally tortured painter shows up at a mental institute. His therapist tells his journey to find out what happened before he arrived, as his patient will not speak. It folds into a beautiful recollection of a story between a young woman and her uncle-in-law. Their letters, love and talents. Sounds confusing, but clearly evoked. 77203

I also read The Kite Runner, by Khaleed Hosseini. Brilliant depiction of a boy and his friend. How different they are, but so close, like brothers. One brother mistreats the other. I would not do justice trying to explain the story he shared. I will say I enjoyed is second book A Thousand Splendid Suns, a bit more (perhaps because I’m a woman).

I’m currently reading A Feast for Crows in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. Thriving on the Season three premier of the HBO depiction. Have not gained much ground with the story, but will hopefully have more time soon.
In addition, I’ve been diving more and more into my Bible. As a result of fantastic role models, maybe a bit of self-pity and a desire for something else – knowing only He can fill whatever void is in my life.

Other things have happened as well. Pending graduation. Engagement. Photography for friends.

I would ask, as a parting wish, to pray for my bitterness. I find myself angry towards those who do not realize what they have, how blessed they are. A culmination of experience has given me an appreciation and independence – but I do not want a hard heart.

Until next time…


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