I’m assuming that I’m not the only who gets just a little bit annoyed when I don’t start a series at the beginning. Good news; when I read Alex Cross (which was previously published as Cross) I couldn’t even tell that it was approximately the 10th or 11th book. While your work may be outstanding, Mr. Patterson, I’d have to say that this just didn’t come up to par. Granted the psychological bits of getting inside the mind of a cold-blooded killer are pretty great, this occurs in almost all of your bestsellers. Frankly, your readers need something more, and this plot was just a little disjointed and the climax was terribly underwhelming. I mean, who doesn’t like to finish with a bang? 😉

SPOILERS: Alex Cross is this cool, kick-butt FBI investigator turned psychologist after the death of his wife. Michael Sullivan is a hired gun for anyone willing to pay money, if they have enought of it. Oh, and he doesn’t mind doing the occasional raping/murdering thing on his own time either. So, yadahyadahyadah, in the end, both characters collide in a not-quite-so-escalated shootout. All let you draw some conclusions.

Regardless of quality, it still kept me turning pages. I will most likely seek out the other Alex Cross novels at some point. Don’t expect me to get excited for the movie though; especially when Tyler Perry is the starring role. I do have a couple of Patterson books that aren’t murder mystery thriller-types – we’ll see how those go. I still love the guy. Three words: Read Kiddo Read. He’s created a website designated to promoting reading in children and young adults (something that doesn’t seem that popular anymore). That and he’s sold over 240 million copies of his work worldwide. He must be doing something right.

What do you think of James Patterson? Read any Alex Cross novels? What are some of you favorite Patterson books? Do you also blog when you should be writing an Ag Law paper?