My Infinite Wishlist…

…just got a little longer. Oiy.

How handy it is to have Barnes & Noble posting in your Facebook newsfeed all the time. Ha. Yea, like I need a new book on my reading wishlist, which is already long enough. So long, in fact, that I’m sure the value of the books I want exceed the total amount I’ve personally spent on my college education. (I’m not really sure, I’m just estimating here.) As if I needed a couple more to put on there, here’s what made the cut:

Say Her Name, by Francisco Goldman, is one for lovers at heart. (Why am I not surprised that I want it?) Anywho, it’s the classic boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. They fall hopelessly in love and marry each other. According to fiction author, Junot Diaz, a better novel has not been written in the last 10 years: “The bare bones plot – middle aged writer, Francisco, marries young, Aura, and then” (SPOILERS) “loses her during a beach holiday – does this magnificent book no justice. A masterpeice as breathtaking and tender as the love it describes.” Hello?! Why wouldn’t I want a book that has the potential to make me cry my eyes out? Not an easy feat by the way.

 The Dog Stars, written by Peter Heller, follows a pilot, his wife and his dog in an end of the world scenario. Diaz calls it, “a stupendous debut…[a] novel with so much emotional truth it reads like a memoir from the future.” A riveting story of loss, exploring what a person will do to rediscover connection, love and grace.

If you beat me to them, tell me how they are! Might even get to say you read a book before the movie came out! What books have you all been craving lately? Add any to your own wishlists recently? Leave a comment and let me know. 😀