At First Sight

Other than reading this book for the 2013 Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge, I could not have read this novel at a more inopportune time. 

After making it a few chapters in, I discovered that this was the sequel to another book, True Believer. (I dislike reading books/series out of order.) Almost immediately the audience realizes that Jeremy and Lexie are rushing a marriage because of an unplanned pregnancy. Throughout the entire story we’re experiencing the whole journey of pregnancy – and I do mean the whole journey. If you know me – or have even read some other posts – you’ll know that this isn’t really my idea of a good time. 
at first sight

For all this, I’m going to avoid giving any opinion on the book. I would no doubt be biased. But because I struggled through it so, I’m going to reveal the biggest spoiler of the entire novel (and possibly even its predecessor). You better look away now. 

She dies.