The Choice

As I’ve mentioned before, reading Nicholas Sparks is a bit of an adjustment following Tolstoy and even Martin. What I do love about his books is that they’re easy to read – meaning the audience barely notices they are flying through the pages. You expect a love story and you experience the characters falling in love. Once you’re sure it’s happily ever after, tragedy strikes. You try to brace yourself for it, but it still hits you. Hard. But just like the characters, you dive in anyway because you know it’s going to be extraordinary.
In The Choice, the audience is introduced to Travis Parker as he heads to the hospital where his wife has worked for 10 years. There is obviously a less than ideal attitude between Parker and his wife. Entering the hospital, he begins to reminisce about the weekend he first met Gabby. Parker, then, is taking full advantage of life – inviting his married friends and their kids to his water-front home every other weekend. Not to mention, he has a great relationship with his sister, Stephanie, which I like to imagine I might have with my own brother someday.200709-the-choice Ms. Holland is his new next-door neighbor who appears to have a chip on her shoulder. Despite a rough introductions, an attraction is clear between Travis and Gabby. In less than a week they have so simply fallen madly in love with each other…
Once Travis comes back to reality from his vivid recollections, his troubles are still waiting for him at the hospital. The decision he has to make just might break his heart – and yours.
I will tell you that I may or may not have shed a single tear myself. By the end, I didn’t care that I wasn’t reading Martin or Tolstoy. I was too wrapped up hoping my love story ends up as great as this one.
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