The Lucky One

Romance should be every lady’s weakness, right? Eh, well, if not, it definitely becomes such when one brings the writing of Nicholas Sparks into the picture. I hope the fellas find just as much intimacy and longing in his words as us ladies do. And it is my wish that his stories don’t seem too romantic or unrealistic, because why shouldn’t that kind of love be realistic?
3oy7lw I actually read The Lucky One after seeing the film with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling. For me, the real star of the movie was Blythe Dannar as Nana. It did make me realize that Zac Efron is no longer an adolescent. 😉 And how stunning is Taylor? Jumping into the pages, I knew there would be some dissimilarities, but all in all no big surprises.
Logan Thibault (it’s French) is a Marine on a lucky streak. Returning safely from several tours in Iraq and winning quite a bit of gambling money, the reason for this luck appears to be a photograph found in the desert sand. Upon his return to the U.S., Logan eventually sets out to find the lady in the photo and comes across Beth, her son Ben, and her mother, Nana. The rest is history.
Although the quick read is nothing extraordinary, it is still a little heartwarming. I recommend reading the book before seeing the movie. However I do love that Sparks tells, at least part of the romance from the male counterpart’s perspective. A feature I generally am enthralled with in the rest of his novels as well. The Lucky One didn’t make me cry tears of joy or sorrow, or scream and fist-pump the air (normal signs of a great romance), but I’m always looking forward to his next piece of work. Plus, I got to add one to my list for the Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge in 2013.
The Lucky One