Under the Dome

It probably isn’t hard to venture that I’m one of the millions (?) of people watching the super bowl. Right before the half time show, I see a promo for Stephen King’s book Under the Dome. There are plenty of other things I should be doing – as there usually are when I start writing a post – but I was a little inspired to write a review. It took me a few months to get through pages an inch and a half thick, so I thought it had more than earned one of my 1,000 lives. Maybe this crazy power outage will let me get this posted before the game is over?


Under the Dome is slightly different from King’s other work,┬áso I’m told. Although I haven’t read much of his work, I have novels such as Full Dark, No Stars and 11/22/63 on my list. On a completely normal day, an inconceivable event happens as the small town of Chester’s Mill is sealed off from the rest of utdpaperbackthe world. As those on the ‘outside’ try to figure out how to penetrate the dome, personalities clash as ‘Big Jim’ Rennie and his goons struggle to take full control of Chester Mill’s citizens. The barrier, reaching far above and beneath the town, starts to affect oxygen, weather, and tempers in a matter of days. Young men are armed with guns and added to the police force. Suicides are a daily occurance. Soon Dale Barbara, some adventurous teenagers and a newspaper editor are out to return some sanity to the situation. Soon, a meth lab is exposed and the unlikely group of comrades must find the source of the dome, before there’s nothing left to contain in Chester’s Mill.

Should make for an exciting CBS miniseries…? For adult audiences, however. Are you looking forward to the show/movie? Plan on reading the book, or have you already read it? Let me know! Stop by www.underthedome.com.

Video is courtesy of youtube.com.